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Stone church

Stone church Karuizawa

The stone church is an extraordinary church that looks ‘foreign’. Located up on a hill, the church is a mix of modern architecture and medieval style. The area of the church is much larger compared to most other churches. Upon entering the church, you will be greeted by a modern terrace that is connected to a pathway that leads to the church itself.

Stone Church Karuizawa

There are two different pathways that both lead towards the Church. At the end of the pathway, there is a open area and the church lies at the back. Once entering the church there is a staircase. One leads up to the sanctuary and the other leads down to an area where the history of the church is explained. The sanctuary is beautifully made. Benches are set facing towards the sanctuary that is higher in position. Although this nave is much smaller than a usual church, it’s still  beautiful with a unique style of its own. One is not allowed to take pictures of the sanctuary, while the rest of the church is allowed. The stone church holds up to its name by having most of the church including the inside, made out of stone.  

Stone Church Karuizawa

The lower level of the church shows the history of the church and the missionaries that came there. There are fragments from the past displayed on the wall, such as writings. This area is filled with historical items, but like other rooms in the church, it is relatively small.  Although the stone church is large in size, the actual church itself is fairly small. The stone church is famous in Karuizawa. Both international tourists and domestic tourists visit here. Weddings are held here as well. 

Tourist’s Review on Stone Church

It is a very unique church totally made of stone construction. Although it is a small church but it really surprises you once you enter the church and the overall setting is breathtaking and we understand why many people would want to have their wedding ceremonies in this unique environment. Should not miss if you are in this region.

-Source: Tripadvisor


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