Welcome to Karuizawa!

Location and Weather

Karuizawa is a town located in Nagano prefecture, Japan. About an hour and a half bullet train ride from Tokyo, Karuizawa is a popular tourist site for both foreigners and Japanese. In fact, it is known to be one of the most popular locations in Japan for people to spend their vacations. This is partly due to Karuizawa’s wonderful climate. Because the town is located in the mountains, the temperature and humid stays low during the summer. Many escape the heat from busy crowded cities and take the time to relax in the perfect summer weather. In the winter, people come and enjoy the snow by playing winter sports such as Skiing, Snowshoeing and Snowboarding.

Activities in Karuizawa

Both locals and tourists are entertained by the several events and activities held in Karuizawa. One can spend a day shopping, walking in nature, or simply relaxing in the hotels and ryokans. There are also many museums that share the most astounding works of art that one can imagine. The small events held by local organisations create an opportunity for the community to interact with neighbours and visitors.

Karuizawa and its Beauty

Karuizawa is known to be exceptionally beautiful. The first reason for this is the greenery that surrounds every direction of this town. Mount Asama one of the most popular volcanos in Japan, thick pine forests, and the trees that line the sides of roads and houses, all play a huge role in making the scenic view appealing to tourists. The town is filled with beautiful nature that makes one’s mind calm and relaxed. It also has a great mixture of antiqueness and modernness. The town preserves it history and architecture while adding the newest infrastructures. The final reason for it’s beauty is the love that people have for this town. Local citizens, Japanese visitors, foreign tourists – everybody loves this town. And a town with love is always clean, organised, and releases a natural glow.

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