Natura Cafe Ina

A Taste of Brazil-

Natura Cafe Ina

Natura Cafe Ina is a Brazilian-inspired cNatura Cafe Inaafe located in Karuizawa higashi, Karuizawa, Kitasaku District. This is the place where both Japanese and foreigners frequently visit to experience a healthy dose of mouth-watering and eye-pleasing Brazilian breakfast side by side with a cup of warming coffee or fresh cold drink. Designed with a Latino theme in addition to Brazilian music in the background, Café Ina creates a calming atmosphere familiar to that of when a person is in a simple Café in south America.

Natura Cafe InaSince Karuizawa is the area of Japan famous for its greenery similar to Brazil, the Brazilian owner of the Café decided to surround the petite Café with many plants that helps create that Latin atmosphere.

Inside the Café, the counter bar looks very vibrant. It is filled with many magazines and newspapers to entertain the customers. All the staff speak English and the Menu is written in both Japanese and English. It is very inviting to foreigners as several cafés in Karuizawa don’t usually have English menus or speakers as staffs.
Natura Cafe Ina
The famous breakfast from the Café would be the “Açai Bowl” -blueberry yoghurt topped with fresh fruits. It’s a very healthy and delicious combination! So if you’re looking for a way to enjoy a healthy meal or drink café relaxingly in a little Latin cocoon of its own in the city of Karuizawa, you have to try Café Ina.

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Tel: 0267-42-3562.


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