Suju Masayuki

Reliving Japanese Tradition-

Suju Masayuki

Suju MasayukiSuju Masayuki is a famous restaurant that serves Japanese cuisine. It is famous for its miso and shoyu, the basis of Japanese dining. The restaurant is located in Kyu-Karuizawa, opened by the owner “Suju Masayuki”. It was opened in 2005 and now has 6 restaurants and stores within Japan.  Suju Masayuki is now opened in Singapore as well, bringing the essence of Japanese food on international stage.

Suju MasayukiThe atmosphere of the restaurant is very calming and traditional. Majority of the ingredients are fresh local produce of Karuizawa which makes the food healthy and delicious. One of the must-try dish would be this Japanese stew beef served with pickled vegetable, rice and miso soup.  If you want to try a Japanese fine-dining in Karuizawa, this would be the place for you! Booking the seats beforehand is highly recommended, especially for dinner!

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Tel: +81 267-41-2007



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