Sawaya Karuizawa Jam


A Jam With a bit of Russian Twist-

Sawaya Jam

sawaya karuizawa jam

Sawaya is a jam production company based in Karuizawa. It has opened several shops in Karuizawa. Sawaya is ranked as having the best jam in Japan by a prestigious newspaper “Nikkei”. It started out as a small greengrocer but later on expanded to become a full-fledged jam production company. Sawaya only use domestic fresh fruits harvested accordingly to season in order to producSawaya Karuizawa Jame all-natural jam products. Inside Sawaya Jam shop, there are varieties of flavours to choose from with the most recommended ones being strawberrysawaya jam karuizawa, blueberry and orange jams. Aside from these, there are other unique jam flavours like chestnut and tomatoes.

As well as jams, Sawaya also sells fresh fruit juice that is locally produced, and “Piroshki”, a Russian-style fried meat bun which has become a popular item on Sawaya’s menu.

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Tel: 0267-46-2400


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