Gātaeu Des Clochette

A Cheese Tart a Day ~ Gātaeu Des Clochette

Gātaeu Des ClochetteGātaeu Des ClGātaeu Des Clochetteochette is a chain of sweets-souvenir shops located around Karuizawa. They are famous for their cheese tarts –available in original and blueberry filling.

The cheese tarts are very authentic and aside from that, there are also varieties of Gātaeu Des Clochettesouvenir-worthy and aesthetically pleasing cookies to choose from, Japanese cheese cake made-to-order and home-made puddings.

The shop looks classic and stylish with its green and gold theme. The decorations of sparkling chandeliers and intricately designed cookie boxes gives you a feel of a classic vintage era.

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Tel: +81 267-31-0782

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